The Positives and Negatives to Rechargeable Vape Pens


Last month, we looked at the pros and cons to disposable vape pens, and it only felt fair to address the other side: rechargeable vape pens. If you missed the last blog, you can check it out here, but we’ll give a quick recap too. Vape pens – both types – are compact vaporizers that produce cannabis vapor through a heated vape tank or cartridge. While vape pens come in a plethora of flavors, concentrations, and THC to CBD ratios, the biggest categorizer is separating them out into disposable and rechargeable. We found that disposable ones were great for trying new pens and avoiding maintenance, but could also be pricey and more wasteful. Let’s look at the pros and cons of rechargeable ones.


Pros of Rechargeable Pens


On to the next: why are rechargeable pens good? These pens are made with individually-sold batteries that contain the power for the atomizer (vapor-producing element) attached to a cartridge with cannabis oil.


Reusable Battery


This point may come across as a tad obvious, but rechargeable pens feature reusable batteries. Much like your phone, your battery just needs to be plugged in to recharge from time to time. This removes the necessity of buying new batteries each time.


Potentially Refillable Cartridge


Though it’s not common, some oil cartridges are refillable. This really reduces the amount of waste created by your pen, reducing it to nearly none! With that said, Wheelhouse recommends absolutely never refilling cartridges on your own; it should be done by a professional with reliable oil to ensure safety.


510 Threading Capability


Most oil cartridges feature 510 threading, which is an industry standard. Because most batteries and cartridges have identical threading, the same battery can be used for many different cartridges regardless of brand or manufacturer.


More Options


One huge benefit to rechargeable batteries is that their oil cartridges come in far more variations. One-use pens are limited to the most popular oils, which are still great options, but reusable vape pens are compatible with a wider range of cannabis products.


Extra Effects


Because rechargeable pens are meant to be long-lived devices, companies have been able to add additional features to them. One of the most notable is PAX’s ability to pair your mobile device to the battery through Bluetooth. The accompanying PAX app allows you to change the temperature of your battery, view how-to’s, and “add” a pod for record-keeping of your favs.


One of the biggest pros for rechargeable pens is their consistency and reliability. Once you find a brand, strain, and battery that you like, your smoking experience is set for life. You always know exactly what to expect, which can’t be said for disposable pens or many other methods of cannabis consumption.


Cons of Rechargeable Pens


Downsides of rechargeable pens? There are a few:


Cleaning and Maintenance


Rechargeable pens require cleaning and maintenance from time to time. While it’s nothing extreme, this upkeep can be seen as a downside for many cannabis users.


Cost (Up Front)


Upfront, rechargeable pens can pose a higher cost. It’s customary to have batteries and cartridges sold separately, though some combos are available. In general, this initial cost can be higher, but evens out in the long run.


Wheelhouse’s Vape Pens and Vape Cartridges


Whether you’ve decided rechargeable pens are right for you or not, Wheelhouse’s variety of products ensures you’ll always find whatever you are looking for. We provide a wide range of vape pens, and a conversation with our friendly budtenders will help you pick between all we have to offer! Swing by our store, or shop online for delivery or pick-up today.


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