The vote to legalize marijuana will impact the United States, by increasing the normalization of the cannabis dispensary market, and weed delivery services like Weedmaps.

This means that the rest of the United States is starting to catch up with California and other states that have already legalized recreational marijuana and medical marijuana. This ruling should be no surprise given the potential positive health benefits of properly used medical cannabis and cannibis oil on mental health, body aches and pain, and other bodily ailments.

While it may not be accurate to compare marijuana to alcohol, perhaps marijuana will be as acceptable in America as alcohol is today in the not so distant future. This vote was a positive step towards this cultural change. Not too long ago, between 1920 and 1933, it was illegal to purchase alcohol. Now you can find alcohol at almost any convenience store or restaurant.

The tide is starting to change again, as more and more research supports weed use when properly taken or smoked. The prohibition against cannabis is starting to come to an end, and we are entering into a new era in America.

What this new legislation does not change is that selling cbd products and cannabis without a proper permit or license is still illegal. Does this federal legalization mean weed is no longer an illegal drug? While cannibis products are legal, states will decide what ages people can recreationally use marijuana. As operators in this industry, we always want the best regulations that not only offer safe access to alternatives to opioids, but the decriminalization of marijuana to help reintegrate those who were convicted of federal crimes were carrying before cannabis was legalized.

A common worry among people against the legalization of weed is that it increases the risk that young people, such as minors, will be exposed to cannibas use when they are children or teenagers. On the contrary, legalization in California has already led to decrease in drug abuse and addiction amongst at-risk youth. Cannibas has also helped to reduce death rates related to drug overdose and abuse. In California, minors are not allowed to purchase or possess recreational weed. You must be 21 years or older to purchase weed unless a doctor prescribes it to a patient. You can read more about laws related to cannabis by visiting the Department of Cannabis Control.

What type of weed are you looking for? If you are a cannabis user or a cannabis patient looking for Flower, cannabis sativa, cannabidiol cbd and thc products and more, we have you covered!

Here are some ways to order cannabis from Wheelhouse:
1. Order Weed in Person: Stop by our dispensary, and one of our well-trained budtenders will help you out! If you have questions, our staff can definitely help educate you on the type of cannabis you need. We are a shop for every type of user, even to those who are heavy cannabis users.

2. Order Weed Delivery:
Did you know that Wheelhouse Cannabis Dispensary offers weed delivery? Simply go to the “Shop” section of the website and order online: ​​ Be ready with your government ID upon the arrival of your delivery. Werd delivery is also available through Weedmaps.

3. Use our Locker System:
We also encourage you to use our new locker system! If you want to skip the wait, lockers are the best way to go. The locker system is an option when you order online and pay by linking your bank account on our website while at checkout. You can learn more by visiting our blog about lockers.

4. Order online for store pickup:
To order online for in store pickup, simply order cannabis through our website and check in at Wheelhouse. To all our weed connoisseurs, may the United States continue to make progress in the legalization of marijuana (and hopefully keep my heart rate down). Stay at a high level. See you at Wheelhouse!!

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