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Wheelhouse has always stood for being accepting and welcoming, offering high-quality products no matter who you are. Today, we dive into all the health benefits of the products we proudly offer. In it for recreation or medicine, our cannabis provides the premium relaxation and relief you need.


Chronic Disease and Pain Relief


One of the first mainstream uses of cannabis for chronic pain treatment in recent years was in the field of chemotherapy. The treatment tends to give patients extreme nausea and vomiting, reducing their weight. However, a study by Richard E. Musty, PhD and Rita Rossi showed that 70-100% of patients who consumed cannabis experienced relief. Since then, cannabis has been widely accepted as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Some of the most common chronic diseases and pains treated by cannabis today are cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Hepatitis C, and many GI tract diseases like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.


Weight Maintenance


Though the connection isn’t entirely clear yet, cannabis seems to play a role in weight loss and weight management. It’s linked to increasing the body’s ability to regulate insulin, which directly affects blood sugar and body composition. Similarly, it can also help increase appetite. While undesirable in those of us who experience them as the “munchies,” this appetite-stimulating effect helps those affected by AIDS, cancer, and anorexia nervosa gain weight.


Insulin Control


Similar to weight maintenance, cannabis’ impact on insulin goes beyond body composition. Recent research by the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis drew a connection between cannabis and stabilized blood sugar, lowered blood pressure, and improved circulatory function.  Because of this, those with diabetes who consume cannabis have an easier time regulating it. Those without diabetes are less likely to acquire it, and cannabis is correlated to preventing it.


Psychological Benefits


There are many stereotypes around weed, and a stigma about how it affects the mind. The truth is, cannabis in its many forms have been shown to treat a variety of mental ailments that otherwise would impact someone’s daily life. For those with PTSD and depression, cannabis’ endocannabinoid compounds stabilize mood and reduce the body’s tendency towards fight-or-flight mode. In patients with ADHD and/or ADD, cannabis actually enhances the brain’s ability to concentrate. A combination of all of the aforementioned effects also help alleviate anxiety, calming consumers and giving them mental clarity. For anyone on the autism spectrum, cannabis has been loosely linked to mood control and calming mood swings, especially in children. Even more than that, it may even prevent cognitive degeneration. Aging and other signs of lowered cognitive function can be prevented through cannabis’ anti-inflammatory effects on the brain.


Seizure Regulation


Of the two main components in cannabis, CBD has been shown to aid the controlling of seizures. In 2018, the FDA approved a CBD oral solution for those experiencing two major epilepsy syndromes, called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Though it can’t be administered to those under age two, it is especially effective in children. For reference, it’s the first ever FDA-approved medication for Dravet syndrome seizures.


Cannabis at Wheelhouse


With benefits like these, it’s impossible to not stop by Wheelhouse! Our dispensary has variety and quality, with a selection that meets your every need. Stop by in store to peruse our selection, or order online and get it delivered.


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