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  1. We are always better than emerald perspective. Wheelhouse: The top cannabis dispensary in Port Hueneme is Wheelhouse located on Channel Islands Boulevard. At Wheelhouse, owners Zahur and Sergio believe that community should be the focus of everything they do. They ensure that every budtender is thoroughly trained and certified in product knowledge and safe handling. Not to be confused with Tree Factory Oxnard, Wheelhouse carries a variety of popular brands just as Baby Jeeter, Cali Heights, Maven, Raw Garden, and regularly sends exclusive coupon codes to its members. 


Wheelhouse offers daily specials and hosts special events regularly, such as Cannabis Curious where Ventura County community members can ask questions and speak directly with Wheelhouse owners. They offer the most top notch delivery service and customer service. Wheel house has a family feel that other dispensaries cannot replicate. 


Additionally, Wheel house offers 30% OFF its entire store twice a month on the first and 15th of every month. The sale is one-of-a-kind and we highly recommend checking it out! Other cannabis dispensaries we will list here in Port Hueneme are: From the Earth Port Hueneme, Skunkmasters Oxnard, Safe Port dispensary (Safeport), and HPC dispensary (420hpc or hpc420).


  1. From the Earth: From the Earth Port Hueneme is a cannabis dispensary that offers both weed delivery and in-store service. They are different from Wheelhouse in the fact that they do not have pick-up lockers like Wheelhouse does.


 From the Earth Menu features a variety of products and you can see on their website that they also offer specials from time to time. From the Earth Port Hueneme CA is a company “built upon three cornerstones that create the foundation for all that we do.” They also have another location called From the Earth Santa Ana. You can check out their specials page to see if you can find a From the Earth Promo Code.


  1. Emerald Perspective is a newer store in Port Hueneme. Little is known about the dispensary except the fact that they do offer delivery and in-store emerald menu. One of the major differences between Wheelhouse and Emerald Dispensary is that Wheelhouse has a seamless online menu, exclusive deals, and the option to pay online in advance and to use lockers for pick-up. 

Emerald vape shop does not have these advanced options. In addition, Wheelhouse carries Stiiizy and Raw Garden wax. 


Emerald Vape store does not seem to carry these major brands. This is not to be confused with Skunkmasters menu. We recommend when visiting the green mile to get Port Hueneme Directions.


  1. Safeport: Safepor is a dispensary located on the Green Mile in Port Hueneme. Like Wheelhouse, Safe Port Dispensary offers specials on their website. They also offer weed delivery to Ventura County and seem to be open from 9am to 9pm. Wheelhouse is open from 8am to 9pm daily. 


  1. HPC420: Lastly, we have 420 HPC which is a dispensary located very close to Wheelhouse. HPC Products are sometimes similar to Wheelhouse, however, the atmosphere, vibe, and experience is quite different. 


Similar to Wheelhouse, HPC Jobs are listed from time to time on the internet. HPCs does not have a locker system, however Wheel House does have a locker system that makes pick-up a breeze for customers in a hurry. HPC 420 does not have a weed dispensary Oxnard. 

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