An Intro to Edibles


Smoking marijuana has always been a classic, but as the market has grown, edibles and other forms of cannabis consumption have offered accessibility for many who prefer not to smoke. Wheelhouse is happy to offer such a grand selection of edibles to our customers in Ventura County, and here, we’ll go over all of our favorites.


Most Common Edibles


Here, Wheelhouse will dive into some common categories of edibles. Of course, the market is ever-expanding, so don’t be surprised when more of your favorite foods end up with cannabis versions in the future!


Baked Goods


Baked goods are a super popular form of edible. They’re also one of the oldest! The original edible was a cannabis-infused brownie decades ago, and they’ve come so far since then. The market now contains brownies, cookies, rice krispies, cupcakes, cake pops, and any other baked goods you can imagine.




Chocolate is a common vessel for cannabis. The variety of flavors, consistencies, and forms allows for cannabis to be hidden in chocolate super easily. Some consumers report certain chocolate edibles having a “weed-y” taste, but the jury is out on whether or not that’s a good thing. Wheelhouse’s favorite? Anything that combines flavors! Chocolate edibles with sea salt, caramel, or nuts takes chocolate edibles to the next level. If toppings aren’t your cup of tea, full-size chocolate bars have grown in popularity and quality in the past year or so, making them a great option.


Mints, Candy, and Gummies


Mints, candies, and gummies make taking edibles super simple. Dosing for these types of edibles tends to be slightly more accurate, do in part to the shape and composition of them. While certain edibles can be eaten in portions, raising the potential for nibbling a spot with more concentrated THC, smaller edibles like these are closer to their labeled dosage. Plus, these forms of cannabis edibles cover up the grassy taste super well, and when they don’t, they’re easier to swallow.




Chews, also referred to as taffy, are an edible on the newer side of things. Their packaging resembles that of square gum packages, with chews that you can pop out one at a time.




Cannabis-infused drinks have skyrocketed in popularity lately. This is, in part, because they’ve taken the form of all your favorites: coffee and cold brew, tea, wine, tonics, IPAs, and more. These edibles make consuming cannabis even easier, and pack all the taste of a normal drink or adult beverage.




Capsules are a more unconventional form of edible, and certainly not what comes to mind first. Capsules contain either decarboxylated (activated) cannabis, or cannabis concentrated suspended in an oil or liquid. These pills can be swallowed for the same effects as edibles, and do take time to kick in because they’re processed in the liver. Capsules are seen as more convenient, discreet, and even healthier because of their lack of sugar or calories.


Wheelhouse’s Endless Selection


If you’re new to the world of edible cannabis, then the options above may have you feeling overwhelmed. It can be hard to figure out exactly which method of consumption is right for you, and how cannabis affects a user can very well differ between certain types of edibles.


At Wheelhouse, we make picking an edible easy. For one, we have a selection that covers nearly every category of edible, and we’re always getting top-notch, new products. Wheelhouse offers delivery for those who already know exactly what they want, but for anyone who doesn’t, just stop in! Our budtenders are not only incredibly friendly, but knowledgeable about everything edibles and beyond.


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