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Due to policies and measures in place, cannabis dispensaries are required to pay federal and state taxes, and both are applied to each order.

There are several ways to pay:

  • We offer Stronghold Pay which is where you can link your bank account and pay directly on our website. It’s simple and also allows you to use our lockers.
  • We offer Paytender, which is the easiest way to shop with us. Paytender is similar to using PayPal. Paytender wallet is a prepaid account where you can load it with funds to use at Paytender merchants. You can sign up for a Paytender account here.
  • You can pay with cash. We have an ATM conveniently located in our store.
  • You can pay with Debit ATM in our store. Which means we accept debit cards for our payment process. 

*Please note that there may be a very minimal fee associated with using Paytender (2.5% fee) and Debit ATM ($3.00) as a payment method.

We require a government issued identification, for example a driver’s license, a US government issued ID or a US passport. If your documents are from out of state or your current address does not show on your current documents, we require a form of proof of residence. A utility bill or any document that shows your residential address will be necessary in order to complete the delivery transaction. Confirming your delivery address is the most important step in the delivery process.

You will receive an email confirmation and updates on your order either via email or text, whichever you prefer to opt into when sign-up for an account with us. You can also manage your settings in your account through our website.

Unfortunately, legally we cannot. We would need a confirmation of residency.

The only way to edit your order is by calling the store at 805.382.0420. One of our representatives will happily assist you in editing your order. We highly recommend you to NOT place a duplicate order.

One main reason why orders get cancelled is because the shipping address does not match the address on the identification document you have provided. Other reasons are expired documents, over the limit cannabis purchases and out of stock products. Before an order gets rejected, a Wheelhouse associate will call you to let you know the reason why your order is being cancelled.

Adults 21 years of age and older can purchase up to 1 ounce of dry flower and 8 grams of concentrated cannabis (edibles, tinctures, wax).
Medicinal patients 18 years of age and older can purchase up to 8 ounces total cannabis products (flower, edibles, tinctures, wax). More if recommendation indicated a need.

Please click here for more information. 

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Our Ventura store delivers to 93030, 93031, 93032, 93033, 93034, 93036, 93001, 93003, 93004, 93005, 93006, 93007, 93009, 93010, 93011, 93012, 91319, 91360, 93012, 91320, 91361, 91358, 91362, 91359, 91377, 93020, 93021, 93062, 93094, 93063, 93099, 93064, 93065, 93066, 93060, 93061, 95219

Our Port Hueneme store only delivers to 93035, 93041, 93043 and 93044

Our Venice store has delivery coming soon!


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