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MedMen Closes Its Doors: Assessing the Impact on the Cannabis Industry

MedMen’s store closures signal a shift in the cannabis retail landscape. In this article, we dissect the immediate effects of these changes on the company and the broader implications for the cannabis industry, with a focus on MedMen’s role in this evolving market, particularly as a key player like MedMen.

Key Takeaways

  • MedMen dispensaries have significantly downscaled their operations in California, maintaining only two MedMen dispensary locations amidst a series of closures that have raised investor concerns within the retail cannabis sector.

  • MedMen’s financial difficulties are evident through its delayed fiscal reports, delisting from the Canadian Securities Exchange, and layoffs, signaling a broader instability in the cannabis market.

  • Despite setbacks in California, MedMen is expanding in states like Illinois and Nevada, indicating a strategic realignment, while focusing on maintaining consumer confidence in the regulated cannabis market.

MedMen’s Recent Store Closures

Illustration of two MedMen stores with closed signs

Formerly a prominent player in the cannabis industry, MedMen dispensary has dramatically scaled down its California operations. Now, only two stores remain active, one in San Diego and another near Los Angeles International Airport. This stark reduction from over a dozen stores to a mere two emphasizes the recent hurdles faced by MedMen, including the closure of dtla MedMen. Consequently, this shift in strategy has sparked a heightened sense of risk among investors in the retail cannabis sector.

The Venice Beach location, aka Medmen Abbot Kinney, once a bustling hub on Abbot Kinney, is a notable example of the company’s recent retreat, as it has been temporarily closed.

Alternatives for Customers In Venice Beach – Wheelhouse Venice

Wheelhouse Venice Dispensary

Although MedMen’s Venice Beach location closure may disappoint some, it doesn’t leave consumers without options. Wheelhouse Venice presents a viable alternative for customers in the area. Located at 712 Lincoln Avenue, Wheelhouse Venice is conveniently open from 8am to 10pm daily, offering a reliable source for local cannabis enthusiasts and keeping them updated.

San Diego Shutdowns

Among MedMen dispensary store closures, the San Diego shutdowns were particularly puzzling. The absence of clear communication regarding the reasons for these closures led to speculation and uncertainty among customers and industry observers. This air of ambiguity was exacerbated when MedMen was hit with corporate layoffs on January 26, 2023, leading many to question the connection between these corporate layoffs and the closures.

Various departments such as accounting and marketing were affected by the layoffs, indicating a possible operational downsizing in relation to the store closures. These unexplained closures and the subsequent speculation have certainly raised more questions among employees than answers, painting a cloudy picture of the company’s future.

West Hollywood Closure

Illustration of West Hollywood street with a closed MedMen store

The closure of MedMen’s flagship West Hollywood store marked a significant turning point for the company and the local community. Known as the ‘Apple Store of weed’, this location was symbolic of the mainstreaming of cannabis. The sudden shuttering of this MedMen store took many customers by surprise, causing a ripple of concern across the community. With the closure of one of the most iconic MedMen stores, both the company and West Hollywood residents are left to wonder what the future holds for the cannabis industry.

The closure had implications beyond the local context. Initiation of a series of closures across San Jose, Emeryville, and San Francisco followed, indicating a shift in MedMen’s operational and business strategy within California. This was a stark contrast to the store’s initial days when it was celebrated for its sleek, modern design and was emblematic of MedMen’s brand in the regulated marijuana industry.

The State of MedMen Enterprises

MedMen’s recent store closures have inevitably led to questions about the state of the company. Financial difficulties are evident, given the company’s delay in releasing a financial report for the fiscal quarter ending December 31, 2022, and its delisting from the Canadian Securities Exchange last week. Moreover, over 100 employees have been laid off in the past month since January 26, signaling an operational downsizing within the company.

These struggles are coupled with governance concerns highlighted by regulatory troubles and missed financial reporting deadlines, which pose red flags for investors in the cannabis market. To address these issues, MedMen has initiated a profitability plan which includes cost-cutting measures and may predicate a rebranding effort.

Financial Struggles

MedMen’s financial struggles are glaringly evident in its plummeting share price on the OTC Expert Market, which hit zero, and a market capitalization falling to approximately $154,000. The company is grappling with a profound working capital deficit of $383.2 million, raising alarm bells about its financial stability.

The delay in presenting obligatory quarterly financial reports and the pile-up of unpaid invoices, leading to numerous lawsuits, underscore the company’s financial instability. This downward spiral has shaken investor confidence, raising concerns about the broader cannabis market as the week progresses.

Overall, the combination of unpaid invoices, substantial lawsuits, and reports of distributors grappling with outstanding invoices from retailers, including MedMen, underscore a financial instability that could undermine consumer confidence in the cannabis industry’s reliability.

This is further exacerbated by the reported fact that around 15% of cannabis cultivators in California have relinquished their licenses due to financial constraints, questioning the stability and sustainability of the industry.

Leadership Changes

In the midst of these financial struggles, MedMen has also experienced significant leadership changes. Following a string of store closures, the company saw a series of C-suite departures, with Ellen Deutsch Harrison resigning from her position as CEO of MedMen Enterprises alongside Chair Michael Serruya on January 24, 2023.

As a strategy to navigate these hurdles, Richard Ormond, a former staffer, was appointed the new chief restructuring officer. The new leadership’s goal is to stabilize MedMen and guide it through its financial difficulties, casting a ray of hope amid the chaos.

Expansion and Contraction: MedMen’s Presence in Other States

Despite the challenges in California, MedMen has undergone strategic changes in other states as well. While the company has significantly reduced its store count in California, it has been expanding its operations in states such as Illinois and Nevada, indicating a strategic realignment.

Nonetheless, the details regarding MedMen’s expansion into Illinois are not comprehensively recorded, implying a minimal or ambiguous presence in the state. This contrast between downsizing in California and expansion in other states paints a complex picture of MedMen’s strategic direction.

Illinois Growth

Despite the lack of detailed reports, MedMen’s expansion into Illinois is undeniable. The company operates four stores across the state, with the first store opening in Oak Park, marking a significant step for the company’s presence there.

Furthermore, MedMen’s strategic collaboration with PharmaCann has bolstered its market share in Illinois and contributed to the company’s growth in the state. The Evanston store, in particular, has made a significant contribution to the local economy, generating over $200,000 in tax revenue for the city within the first half of 2020.

Consumer Confidence

Amid the turmoil and transformation, consumer confidence remains pivotal for the cannabis industry. Studies suggest that the presence of cannabis dispensaries does not lead to an increase in local crime, which could contribute to maintaining or boosting consumer confidence in the safety of accessing cannabis through legal channels.

Additionally, the high compliance rates among cannabis retailers in verifying IDs and preventing sales to minors could strengthen consumer trust in the responsibility and legality of the regulated market. Research showing that dispensary clientele are often older and require larger quantities of cannabis for therapeutic purposes suggests consumer confidence in dispensaries as a reliable source for medical needs.


Navigating the turbulent waters of the cannabis industry, we’ve seen how the closures of MedMen’s stores have sent shockwaves throughout the sector. We’ve also explored the alternatives that have sprung up in the wake of these closures, and delved into the financial struggles and leadership changes within MedMen. Despite the challenges in California, we’ve noted the company’s expansion in states like Illinois, indicating a strategic realignment.

While the journey has been tumultuous, with its share of peaks and troughs, the cannabis industry continues to evolve, adapt, and find its footing. As we move forward, it’s clear that the industry’s resilience and adaptability will continue to be tested, with MedMen’s story serving as a potent reminder of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a prescription to go to a dispensary in California?

No, you don’t need a prescription to go to a dispensary in California as long as you are 21 or older.

How many grams is an eighth?

An eighth is equivalent to 3.5 grams of weed, commonly used for three or four substantial joints.

What is the history of MedMen?

MedMen was founded in 2010 and quickly gained a strong presence in the cannabis industry, reaching a valuation of $1.6 billion by 2018. The company owns numerous retail stores and cultivation facilities across several states, aiming to redefine society’s relationship with cannabis.

How much debt is MedMen in?

MedMen currently has a significant debt of $137.4 million, as the company is facing financial challenges with only $15.6 million in cash remaining.

Why did MedMen close its stores?

MedMen has temporarily closed its stores to enhance efficiency and navigate financial challenges.


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