Choosing Your Vape Pen


Vape pens are compact vaporizers that heat up a vape tank or cartridge to produce vapor. Pocket-sized and tube-shaped, these devices are the size of small pens – hence the name! Vape pens come in a ton of options, but they can be divided into two general categories: disposable and rechargeable. Both options are super easy to use, and provide the same overall smoking experience. Users of vape pens enjoy how discreet, simple, and (usually) tasteless and odorless these devices are. Today, we’ll be focusing on disposable pens! Read on to see the pros and cons.


Pros of Disposable Pens


Disposable pens are a single unit, with the oil, atomizer, battery, and all other miscellaneous components within a pen. Here are the pros of disposable pens:


No Charging Necessary


One huge plus of disposable pens is that they don’t require charging, like rechargeable ones do. You’ll never have to worry about plugging it in, and it’s always ready for your on-the-go moments.


No Maintenance


Reusable vape pens require maintenance from time to time, including cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. Disposable pens have none of this hassle, because they are used up before maintenance is necessary.


Cheaper (Up Front)


Up front, disposable pens are cheaper than reusable ones. These lower prices allow new users to test out if vaping is the right method of consumption for them, all without the commitment to a higher price tag.




Related to their lower cost, disposable pens provide a noncommittal method for vaping. While rechargeable pens are costly and lasting, disposable pens’ lower price means that misplacing or disliking your pen is no problem.


Cons of Disposable Pens


What are the cons of disposable pens? There’s a few.


Non-Rechargeable and Unreliable Battery


This one seems obvious, doesn’t it? Disposable pens face a huge downside of being non-rechargeable. Not only are disposable pens incapable of being charged, but you’ll never really be sure what the battery is at either. It’s a more frequent occurrence among disposable pens to die before the oil cartridge is empty, but there’s not much you can do about it.




In today’s ecological state, minimizing waste is a priority for many consumers. Unfortunately, disposable pens are exactly that – disposable – and add to landfills.


Fewer Options


Because disposable pens only represent the most popular strains, there are certainly fewer options. Unlike rechargeable pens with interchangeable cartridges in every imaginable variety, disposable pens are limited to what is common, which might not include whatever your favorite is.


Potentially Weak Draws


Disposable pens are notorious for weaker draws, and unlike some rechargeable options, there’s no way to alter the amount of vapor produced. You may need to hit a disposable vape pen more frequently than a rechargeable one, reducing the lifespan of the cartridge.


Expensive (Long Run)


While cheaper upfront, disposable pens are more expensive per unit volume, making them a more expensive option if they’re your consistent form of smoking.


Wheelhouse’s Vape Pens and Vape Cartridges


When it comes to vape pens, Wheelhouse sells and loves a wide range of disposable vape pens. Finding the best pen for you is just a matter of exploring all we have to offer! You may even find that each type, brand, or strain serves a different purpose, and end up owning a mix of vape pen types. To see all the vape pen options Wheelhouse has, check out our online shop or stop by our store!


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